Healthy Insights for South Carolina

Visualizing population data and community resources to provide insights for public health improvement in South Carolina.

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Healthy Insights is a partnership between the South Carolina Association for Economic Development (SCACED) and The MITRE Corporation to demonstrate how public data sources and data modeling can be used to guide initiatives towards improving the health and promoting a healthy lifestyle in South Carolina's communities. Access to a healthy lifestyle encompasses access to healthy food choices, physical activity, education opportunities and economic development.

Goals for Healthy Insights

  • Identify communities that are high-need based on factors like proximity to a food retailer, population burden of dietary related disease, and median income
  • Identify opportunities to improve access to a healthy lifestyle by pinpointing the locations of nearby organizations that could improve access to food, physical activity, educational, or economic resources
  • Identify high impact interventions by exploring correlations between risk factors and dietary related disease and predicting the health impact of mitigating these factors

South Carolina Association for Community Economic Development (SCACED)

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